Canada Primarily Undergraduate University Ranking

Mount Allison University was ranked 1st in Maclean's Magazine (tied with Acadia) for Best Overall in the Primarily Undergraduate University.

St. Francis Xavier University was ranked among the top three primarily undergraduate universities in Canada by Maclean's magazine. Acadia University has maintained its position as one of Canada’s best primarily undergraduate universities in the annual Maclean’s magazine ranking of post-secondary institutions.

Ranking of Best Primarily Undergraduate Universities in Canada:

Rank, University
1 Mount Allison
1 Acadia
3 St. Francis Xavier
4 Trent
6 Wilfrid Laurier
6 Lethbridge
9 Winnipeg
10 Laurentian
11 Saint Mary’s
11 Lakehead
11 Ryerson
11 Moncton
15 Brock
15 Mount Saint Vincent
17 Bishop’s
18 Brandon
18 St. Thomas
20 Nipissing
21 Cape Breton (UCCB)

Source: Maclean 2007

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