Law Schools with High Employment Rates

The following law schools have one of the highest graduate employment rates:

The University of Michigan Law School
- The 2009 graduates enjoyed a 99.14 percent employment rate while the first- and second-year students found employment in over 36 states and abroad.
- Michigan is among the top law schools in placing the largest percentage of graduates in the most prestigious national law firms.

Albany Law School
- It is the nation's oldest independent school of law and highly regarded as one of the finest in the country.
- Albany Law School has a 94 percent employment rate in legal positions for its 2008 graduating class (with 100 percent of graduates reporting), well above the national average of 90 percent for all law schools.

William Mitchell College of Law
- According to William Mitchell’s class of 2001 employment survey, 97.9 percent of William Mitchell’s 2001 graduates who were seeking employment were employed within nine months of graduating, up from 97.1 percent in 2000.

Florida State University College of Law
- Ranked the nation’s 10th “Best Value” law school, based on employment rate, bar passage and tuition (National Jurist magazine 2009).

Brooklyn Law School
- 92.2% of the Class of 2008 were employed within nine months of graduation. This figure includes 38 graduates in contract positions and 26 graduates not seeking employment. The average nine-month employment rate for Brooklyn Law School graduates for the last five years is 97%.

Quinnipiac University School of Law
- The Class of 2008 had a 95% employment rate nine months after graduation. The list below indicates where they found employment by major categories: 41% - Private Law Firms; 28% - Business & Industry; 11% - Government; 10% - Judicial Clerkships; 5% - Public Interest Law; 2% - Academics; 3% - Other.

University of Minnesota Law School
- Employment rate: 96.59% Class of 2008 (of those seeking employment).
- Employer Percentages (Class of 2008): 60% in private practice; 17% in judicial clerkships; 11% in government; 7% in business & industry; 4% in public interest; 0% unknown.

New York Law School
- New York Law School is one of the oldest independent law schools in the country, founded in 1891.
- The employment rate for the Class of 2008 within nine months of graduation is 92.3%, with 96% of the graduates reporting employment information.

Case Western Reserve University School of Law
- Ranked 39th by the "Internet Legal Research Group" (ILRG) for 2008 Law School Rankings of Employment Rate 9 months after Graduation.

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