Top Schools for Financial Aid

List of top schools with the best student financial aid:

University of Virginia
- The University's financial aid program is rated as the 2nd best in the nation and the best among public institutions in the The Princeton Review's 2011 edition of its popular guidebook, "The Best 373 Colleges".
- University of Virginia students who receive financial aid must reapply each year by completing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Princeton University
- The Princeton Review education service's "Best 373 Colleges: 2011 Edition" placed the University 3rd in the categories of "students happy with financial aid" and "great financial aid". Princeton was named to the publication's "2011 Financial Aid Rating Honor Roll," recognizing the 11 colleges that received its highest possible financial aid rating.

Gettysburg College
- Gettysburg College has been named to The Princeton Review's 2010 Financial Aid Honor Roll. The Princeton Review based its findings on percentage of students in need who received aid, the percentage of need met, the percentage of students whose entire need was met, and the satisfaction of students with their aid.
- Need-based financial aid, academic merit scholarships, and music talent scholarships are available. Financial aid packages offered by the College are competitive.

Swarthmore College
- The College received the highest possible score from The Princeton Review's surveys of college aid awards and of students receiving financial aid. The 2010 edition of The Best 371 Colleges ranked Swarthmore 1st in a list of schools at which students surveyed reported the highest levels of satisfaction with their aid award packages.

California Institute of Technology
- After collecting data from colleges and universities across the country, the Princeton Review has reported its financial-aid ratings for 623 schools. Caltech is among 13 institutions named to the 2010 Financial Aid Honor Roll, receiving the highest possible score of 99. The ratings are based on data from surveys of administrators and of students receiving aid.

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