Top Ten Medical Schools in the UK

According to the Guardian 2009, University of Dundee is the top ranked medical school in the UK! 3 institutions from University of London make it to the list of Top 10 Medical Schools: UCL, Imperial and King's College.

1. Dundee

2. Cambridge

3. Oxford

4. Edinburgh

5. Univ College London, UCL

6. Imperial College

7. Leicester

8. King's College, London

9. Newcastle

10. Univ of Leeds

Source: Guardian League Table 2009

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Anonymous said...

This league table is an utter crap! How can Dundee be the best medical school in the UK, overriding Cambridge and Oxford? TheTimes places it at 18th while The Independent ranks it 5th for Medicine.

Guardian is the only table ranking King's College London within the top ten, The Times ranks it 18 and The Independent places it at 13. The same thing is happening to Leeds and Leicester.

I wonder why so many people still look at Guardian's ranking table..this table simply shows the students are generally satisfied with their respective Universities(those top tens)for their own reasons and that doesn't automatically reflect the teaching/research quality at those institutions.

Anonymous said...

Dundee is a better University to Oxford and Cambridge.
Oxford and Cambridge are far over rated, and are out-dated

Anonymous said...

Where is Cardiff mediccal school? just recently won noble prize

Anonymous said...

Oxford and Cambridge are great Universities in their own right but this does not automatically mean that they are the best Universities for Medicine. The courses that both Universities offer are 6 years long and patient contact is not experienced until the third year. Just because Dundee is perhaps not thought of as being as prestigous a University as Oxford and Cambridge does not mean that one can automatically assume that its Medical course will be of a lower ranking than the Medical courses at Oxford and Cambridge.If you were to compare the Medical courses offered at Oxford, Cambridge and Dundee, you would clearly see why Dundee outranks Cambridge and Oxford in the league table.

Anonymous said...

There is no bad Medical school in the Uk. Each one of them (Guardian,Times etc) do use different criteria. In my opinion Oxford and Cambridge are on of the most prestigious Universities however this does not mean the best places to study Medicine at least in my opinion. They are very good places for someone who wants to become an academic in Medicine. One of the most important things in Medicine is experience therefore if you have to choose a place that is the best for you then you should look for universities that will give you the opportunity to have early contact with patients and most important from different social and cultural backgrounds. e.g I am a doctor who studied both in Oxford and St'George's university and the truth is that i did get invaluable experience at St' Georges hospital which i never had at Oxford's hospital. In Oxford i saw my first patient after three years of studying whereas in St'Georges they have contact from the first year which in my opinion is very important!Hope this will give some understanding

Anonymous said...

all medical universities are good in the UK. It is the enthusiasm and skills of the actual person that makes him a good doctor and not the university. Oxford and Cambridge only do better because they choose candidates who can show these qualities.

Anonymous said...

Complete and utter crap - 'early' contact doesnt mean better communication skills. The gold standard techniques 'the CAMBRIDGE-Calgary' method speaks for itself - developed and pioneered at Cambridge. Pretty much every single sixth former if given the choice would pick these two hands down and thus they have the smartest students that fare the best in all post-graduate exams. Of course, it does depend how you rank them...if you do it on some ridiculously subjective student satisfcation surveys, then ok...Dundee might be the best? The objective exam performance, job placements at FY1 - Oxbridge is second to none :)

Anonymous said...

Very few medical schools teach hard science anymore- as far as I now its only UCL, Imperial, Oxford and Cambridge. They do full dissection, written and practical specialty exams and are awesome universities.
I have friends at all four and they say their knowledge is identical with the London ones having seen loads of really rare stuff too.

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