Guardian Ranking of Top UK Architecture Programs

Following is the list of Top 20 UK Universities in Architecture by Guardian University Ranking 2009:
(Rank, Name, Average Teaching Score)
  1. Cambridge 100.0
  2. UCL 99.4
  3. Cardiff 84.6
  4. Bath 84.4
  5. Newcastle 74.6
  6. Nottingham 74.2
  7. Edinburgh 74.1
  8. Liverpool 72.3
  9. Manchester School of Architecture 70.3
  10. Sheffield 69.0
  11. Oxford Brookes 68.7
  12. Glasgow School of Art 67
  13. Northumbria 65.4
  14. Dundee 63.7
  15. Sheffield Hallam 60.7
  16. Strathclyde 60.7
  17. Glamorgan 60
  18. Ulster 59.2
  19. Brighton 55.7
  20. Queen's, Belfast 54.3

Source: Guardian


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the plain and helpful classification!

Anonymous said...

its biased to say cambridge is ranked number 1 for architecture when clearly its department is not cut for producing graduates with a first..

Anonymous said...

Where is the Architectural Association? It is the best architecture school in the UK.

Anonymous said...

what about westminster? it's won lots of awards for it's architectural projects.....i do agree, the list is biased, cambridge's faculty of architecture does not produce the best architecture students, whereas uni's like cardiff and nottingham have more graduates gaining firsts...

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