Top 100 Universities in Engineering (China)

Ranking of Top 100 Universities in Engineering:
1 Tsinghua University
2 Zhejiang University
3 Shanghai Jiaotong University
4 Harbin Institute of Technology
5 Tianjin University
6 Huazhong University of Science and Technology
7 Xi’an Jiao Tong University
8 Beihang University
9 Northwestern Polytechnical University
10 Dalian University of Technology
11 Southeast University
12 University of Science and Technology of China
13 South China University of Technology
14 Jilin University
15 Tongji University
16 Central South University
17 Wuhan University
18 Shandong University
19 Beijing Institute of Technology
20 Peking University
21 Sichuan University
22 Chongqing University
23 Nanjing University
24 Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics
25 Northeast University
26 University of Science and Technology Beijing
27 East China University of Science and Technology
28 China University of Petroleum
29 Xidian University
30 Fudan University
31 Nanjing University of Science and Technology
32 Hunan University
33 University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
34 Wuhan University of Technology
35 Beijing University of Chemical Technology
36 China University of Mining and Technology
37 Southwest Jiaotong University
38 Beijing Jiaotong University
39 Sun Yat-Sen University
40 Shanghai University
41 University of Science and Technology Beijing
42 Donghua University
43 Harbin Engineering University
44 Nankai University
45 Hohai University
46 Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
47 Yanshan University
48 Jiangnan University
49 Nanjing University of Technology
50 Xiamen University
51 Zhejiang Univ of Technology
52 China Agricultural Univ
53 Hefei Univ of Technology
54 Fuzhou Univ
55 Hebei Univ of Technology
56 North China Electric Power Univ
57 China Univ of Geosciences (Wuhan)
58 Zhengzhou Uni
59 Jiangsu Univ
60 China Univ of Geosciences (Beijing)
61 Taiyuan Univ of Technology
62 Kunming Univ of Technology
63 Xi'an Univ of Technology
64 Beijing Normal Univ
65 Soochow Univ
66 Lanzhou Univ
67 Ocean Univ of China
68 Nanchang Uni
69 Chang’an Uni
70 Jinan Univ
71 Chengdu Univ of Technology
72 Qingdao Univ of Science and Technology
73 Northwest Univ
74 Huaqiao Univ
75 Ningbo Univ
76 Guangdong Uni of Technology
77 Shandong Uni of Science and Technology
78 Shenyang Uni of Technology
79 Northwest A&F Univ
80 Hebei Univ
81 Xiangtan Univ
82 Univ of Shanghai for Science and Technology
83 Yangzhou Univ
84 Lanzhou Univ of Technology
85 Dalian Maritime Univ
86 Guangxi Univ
87 Southwest Petroleum Univ
88 Xi'an Univ of Architecture and Technology
89 Changsha Univ of Science&Technology
90 Shenzhen Univ
91 East China Normal Univ
92 Tianjin Polytechnic Univ
93 Northeast Forestry Univ
94 Shaanxi Normal Univ
95 Shijiazhuang Railway Institute
96 Hunan Univ of Science and Technology
97 Nanjing Agricultural Univ
98 Anhui Univ
99 Northeast Normal Univ
100 North Univ of China

Source: China Academy of Management Science 2008

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