Asiaweek's Ranking (Australian top universities)

In 2000, Asiaweek ranked Asia's universities and grouped them according to whether they were a generalist Multi-Disciplinary or a Science and Technology university.

Asiaweek's Ranking (Australia List):

Rank University Name
8 Australian National Univ
9 U of Melbourne
10 U of New South Wales
13 Uof Sydney
23 U of Western Australia
25 U of Queensland
26 U of Adelaide
30 Monash Univ
45 U of Wollongong
56 Maquarie Univ

Science and Technology
Rank University
22 Curtin U of Technology
25 Queensland U of Technology
26 U of Technology, Sydney
28 RMIT Univ
38 U of South Australia

*Curtin U of Technology is ranked as the Number One Univ. of Technology in Australia.

In 1999, Asiaweek released the first regional listing of Asia's best universities. Australian universities are listed below:

Rank University
8 Univ of New South Wales
10 Univ of Melbourne
13 Australian National Univ
15 Univ of Sydney
19 Univ of Queensland
25 Univ of Western Australia
34 Univ of Adelaide
46 Monash Univ
51 Macquarie Univ
59 Univ of Wollongong

Source: Asiaweek

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