How to Choose Your MBA Specialization

Many students choose to pursue the Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree for career advancement or career change. A specialized MBA program can cover a variety of topics depending on your interests. If you intend to work within a particular industry, pursuing a specialized MBA can give you a real competitive edge.

A specialized MBA can also facilitate a career change to a different field. Students who hold a non-business degree can pursue the MBA qualification and move into a new career field. For instance, you can choose to study for the MBA in Health Care Management if you are interested to start your career in health care field.

Following are the most common MBA specializations:
- Accounting
- Computer Systems
- Criminal Justice
- eBusiness
- Entrepreneurship
- Finance
- Global Management
- Health Care Management
- Human Resource
- International Business
- Leadership
- Management
- Marketing
- Operations
- Project Management
- Technology Management

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