UK University Rankings 2008 – A Big Difference!

Which is the best ranked university in the UK? Oxford is ranked as the Number 1 by The Independent and Guardian, outperformed Cambridge.

There are several univ guides in the UK which rank all universities in order of merit, but based on different criteria. The Times Good University Guide uses 9 measures of quality - student satisfaction, research assessment, entry standards, student/staff ratio, library/computing spend, facilities spend, degree classifications, graduate prospects, and completion rates. It is a highly regarded univ guide; many students make a reference to the ranking tables when choosing a univ. However, a univ which ranked highly in The Times may appear in a poor position in other univ guides such as the Sunday Times or Guardian. In 2008, there are some big differences in ranking positions among the several famous university guides, such as the follows:

(1) Dundee is ranked 17 in Guardian (A Top 20 Univ), but it is ranked 52 in The Independent, even not in the Top 50!
(2) Bristol is ranked 31 in Guardian, but it is highly ranked in The Independent, at 16.
(3) Anglia Ruskin is ranked 109 in The Independent, and 71 in Guardian.
(4) Thames Valley ranked 85 in Guardian, and 110 in The Independent.

Which university guide is the best? Have your say …