Top 10 Online Universities in the World

According to “The Best and Worst Online Degree Programs” 2007, the top ten online universities in the world are:

(1) The Univ of London (UoL);
(2) The Univ of South Africa;
(3) The Univ of Phoenix;
(4) The Univ of Texas;
(5) U of South Australia (UniSA);
(6) U of Southern Queensland (USQ);
(7) The Univ of Maryland Univ College;
(8) Golden Gate Univ;
(9) Ellis College of NYIT;
(10) Stanford Univ

The book examines the online programs using a five point rating system.
Four of the Top 10 Online Univ. are not from the USA, they are U of London, U of South Africa, U of South Australia and U of Southern Queensland.

UoL (UK) ranked first in the world, it has strong international reputation for its outstanding London External programs.The Colleges and Institutes of the Univ. of London that participate in the External System are the following:
  • Birkbeck
  • Goldsmiths
  • Heythrop College
  • Institute of Education
  • King's College
  • LSE
  • London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
  • Queen Mary
  • Royal Holloway
  • Royal Veterinary College
  • SOAS
  • UCL
UniSA  is a leading provider of online and distance education in Australia.
USQ is the Best On and Off Campus University in the world, with great achievements and awards as follows:
  • USQ was voted Best Dual Mode Univ. by the UNESCO-based International Council for Open and Distance Learning (ICDE).
  • USQ was awarded the “Commonwealth of Learning Award of Excellence for Institutional Achievement” at the third Pan-Commonwealth Forum on Open Learning, in July 2004.
  • USQ is monitored by the Australian Universities Quality Agency (AUQA) - an independent agency that reports directly to the Commonwealth Government.
  • USQ was the winner of "Australia's Univ. of the Year 2000 - 2001 " Good Universities Guides Joint Winner for developing the e-university.

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