Vault's Top 25 Law Schools

Vault has released a ranking of the Top 25 law schools based on a survey of "nearly 400 hiring partners, hiring committee members, associate interviewers and recruiting professionals across the country on which law schools best prepare their graduates to achieve in the firm environment".
The law schools from the following institutions are listed in the top 25:

1. Stanford Univ
2. U of Michigan - Ann Arbor
3. New York Univ
4. U of Virginia
5. U of Chicago
6. Harvard
7. Columbia
8. U of California, Berkeley - Boalt Hall
9. Northwestern Univ
10. Yale
11. Vanderbilt Univ
12. Duke Univ
13. U of Pennsylvania
14. Indiana U - Bloomington
15. Cornell U
16. U of Minnesota - Twin Cities
17. Georgetown U Law Center
18. U of California, Los Angeles
19. U of Iowa College of Law
20. George Washington U
21. Boston U
22. Uni of Texas at Austin
23. Uni of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
24. Emory Uni
25. Uni of Wisconsin

Source: Vault 2008 Top 25 Law Schools

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