Princeton Review Rankings 2009

According to The Princeton Review's annual college guide "Best 368 Colleges" 2009, 120,000 students at 368 top colleges are asked to rate their campus experiences based on a number of topics.
Following are some of the top schools:

City University of new York -- most diverse student body

University of Maryland at College Park -- best athletic facilities

Yale -- most beautiful campus

Northeastern University -- best career and job placement service

Stanford -- best classroom experience

Texas A and M (College Station) -- most conservative students

Occidental College -- most liberal students

University of Florida (Gainesville) -- top party school

Middlebury College -- best professors

Wheaton College -- tastiest campus food

Loyola College -- best dorms

Brigham Young University -- top stone-cold sober school

DePaul University (Chicago) -- great college town

Source: Princeton Review 2009

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