GMAT Score in US Institutions

Following is the list of average score in the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). GMAT is widely used as a measure of student quality.
(Institutions are listed in alphabetical order)

Institution, Avg. GMAT
Arizona State University 649
Babson College 630
Baylor University 595
Boston University 655
Brigham Young University 653
Carnegie Mellon 691
Case Western Reserve University 615
Columbia University 709
Cornell University 673
Dartmouth College 699
Duke University 705
Emory University 680
Georgetown University 662
Georgia Institute of Technology 655
Harvard University 708
Indiana University - Bloomington 644
Loyola University Chicago 540
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 710
Michigan State University 637
New York University 700
Northwestern University 700
Purdue University 667
Rice University 625
Southern Methodist University 661
Stanford University 711
The Ohio State University 664
The University of Chicago 695
The University of Texas at Austin 670
Thunderbird 600
Tulane University 655
University of California at Berkeley (MFE) 699
University of California, Los Angeles 710
University of Colorado at Boulder 648
University of Georgia 663
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 649
University of Michigan–Ann Arbor 690
University of Minnesota 655
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 652
University of Pennsylvania 714
University of Rochester 664
University of Southern California 680
University of Virginia 680
University of Washington 677
University of Western Ontario 647
Vanderbilt University 622
Wake Forest University-Full-time MBA Program 630
Washington University in St. Louis 650
Yale University 696

Source: Princeton Review

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