Low GRE Score Universities

For most universities, applicants to a graduate program must have GRE verbal + GRE quantitative scores that sum to 1000. The GRE score is divided into verbal, quantitative and analytical writing assessment scores in your score report.

Following is the list of GRE (Graduate Record Examination) Scores that are generally required in admission to Electrical and Computer Engineering Department:

1. University of Missouri, Rolla
Required verbal score: 370+
Required quantitative score: 700+
Required AWA score: 4.0+

2. University of Houston
Required verbal score: 450+
Required quantitative score: 750+
Required AWA score: 4.0+

3. New Jersey Institute of Technology
Required verbal score: 350+
Required quantitative score: 650+
Required AWA score: 4.0+

4. Illinois Institute of Technology
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1000
Required AWA score: 3.0

5. University of Wyoming
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 900

6. University of South Florida
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1200
Required verbal score: 500+

7. University of Texas, Arlington
Required verbal score: 470+
Required quantitative score: 700+
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1150

8. Auburn University
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1200+

9. Arizona State University
Required verbal score: 400+
Required quantitative score: 700+

10. Florida State University
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1100+
Required quantitative score: 650+

11. Kansas State University
Required verbal score: 400+
Required quantitative score: 650+
Required AWA score: 4.0+

12. Iowa State University
Minimum GRE score: 90th percentile in quantitative

13. University of Delaware
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1o5o+
Required quantitative score: 600+

14. University of Illinois, Chicago
Required verbal score: 500+
Required quantitative score: 700+
Required AWA score: 4.5+

15. University of Nevada, Reno
Required verbal score: 400+
Required quantitative score: 700+

16. College of William and Mary
Average verbal score range: 518 - 581
Average quantitative score range: 684 - 757
Average AWA score range: 4.5 - 5.5

17. New Mexico State University
Required verbal score: 400+
Required quantitative score: 720+
Required AWA score: 3.5+

18. University of Missouri, Columbia
Minimum GRE score: V=25th percentile, Q=80th percentile
Required AWA score: 4.0

19. University of New Mexico
Required verbal score: 570+
Required quantitative score: 670+

20. University of Texas, Dallas
Required GRE score (quantitative + verbal): 1200+

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avinashreddy said...

sir, i got 900 score in gre i got 670 in quant and 230 in verbal i dont no awa score which univercities i get for these score plzgve me reply

Anonymous said...

You may consider Southern Polytechnic State University. Applicant must score a minimum of 500 on either the quantitative or analytic components of the GRE for the Master's Program in Engineering Technology, Electrical Concentration.

Rahul said...

sir i have a gre score of 1280 with 67o in quants and 610 in verbal....do i stand a chance of getting adminission in decent univs for mechanical engineering

paolo said...

please what are my chances of gaining admission into masters in electrical engineering in the US with a low gre score of Quat600, Ver 470. I need advise

Anonymous said...

im gowtham i have got 900 in gre with quant 640 and verbal 260... which universities do get for this low score please assit me regarding this...and do i get a seat in mechanical engg.in any of the universities.....?if so could you list out college names in north america........

Unknown said...

my gre score is 1240
im doin my b-tech with 68%
inter 88%
i wish to do my ms in california
can u suggest me good colleges to apply for spring

Anonymous said...

California State University – Channel Islands offers a MS Degree program in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics. You need to check with the school for minimum gre requirement.

Unknown said...

hi sir,
my self sushant patel i got 740 in gre(verbal 220 & maths 520), so which university i get addmision....reply me as soon as early.....

Anonymous said...

You can consider applying to schools that waive the GRE score for qualifying candidates, eg, California State Univ at Northridge (CS).

Anonymous said...

Hello All,

I have scored 1230 in GRE. With verbal 500 and Quat 730. Could any one tell the possibility of colleges i can apply for?

mdrafi67 said...

thanx a ton for the useful info. I would like to ask that i have GRE-1040(V-300,Q-740), IELTS-6.5,b.TECH-68 PER,3 yrs-EXP. can u pls suggest me a good college for MBA in US n CANADA.pls i need some sugguestions regarding this. thank u

Anonymous said...

Hi.. I have got 1030 gre score (640 quants + 390 verbal) can I apply for Iowa state university ..please suggest.if not will I get university of Iowa..
I have also got 81 percentile in my undergrad without any backlogs...

anilkumar said...

sir , i got a score of 300 in revised gre (quants 157,verbal 143), but with a score of 2 in analytical writing. so can you suggest some moderate universities so that i can proceed further.