Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowship Plan

Awards are made to citizens of Commonwealth countries and are primarily for postgraduate programmes, although funding for undergraduate degree courses may be possible if there are no suitable equivalents in your home country.


Assists Commonwealth students and academics of high intellectual calibre to study in other Commonwealth countries. Around 400 students study in Britain each year under this scheme.

Eligibility, subject, and duration

The scholarships are primarily available for study or research for postgraduate degrees at universities. In special circumstances research study or non-university courses are considered. Scholarships for undergraduate studies are available only in the most exceptional cases.

The fellowship awards are generally for established teachers in universities or medical schools for study at postdoctoral level. They are not awarded for degree or diploma courses.

Nomination of candidates is by local committees in the Commonwealth country concerned. Final selection is made in the UK by the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

How to apply

Through the Commonwealth Scholarship Agency in the Commonwealth countries involved. Applicants should be resident in their own country at the time of application.

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