Best Universities in Germany

There are 331 universities, 159 Fachhochschulen (Universities of Applied Science), and 95 non-state institutions in Germany.

A total of three German universities made it to the THES 2008 Top 200 Universities. HEIDELBERG Universität is placed 1st in German and 57th in the world, followed by Technische Universität MÜNCHEN (78th) , and Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (93rd).

Three German institutions were included in the list of Top 50 Economics Universities and Institutions in the world:
  1. Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) Bonn (3rd place)
  2. CESifo München (11th place)
  3. DIW Berlin (Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung) Berlin (38th)
WHU Otto Beisheim School of Management was ranked 19th in the THES Top 50 Universities in the International Staff indicator 2007. Universität Ulm is the highest ranked institution in Germany, placed 7th in THES Ranking 2007-Staff to Student Ratio.

Top German institutions as ranked by the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2007:

National Rank, World Rank, Name
  1. 53 U of Munich
  2. 56 Tech U Munich
  3. 65 U Heidelberg
  4. 87 U Goettingen
  5. 94 U Freiburg
  6. 99 Univ Bonn
UNIVERSITAT LEIPZIG was ranked 1st nationally, 19th in Europe and 99th globally, according to the Webometrics Ranking of European Universities 2008.

Technology Univ Munich was ranked 1st nationally and 12th in Europe, according to the Leiden Ranking of Top European Universities.

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Unknown said...

Hi thanks for the info.....
i have secured admissions in univ of heidelberg and univ of bonn...
can u pls suggest me which univ is good??

Anonymous said...

Both Heidelberg and Bonn are good universities in Germany, and they are ranked highly in a number of international league tables. Some comparisons between the two institutions:
- Heidelberg is associated with 30 Nobel Prize winners; Bonn has 7 Nobel Laureates among its alumni and faculty.
- In the ARWU 2008 rankings, Heidelberg is placed 67th globally, ahead of Bonn (97th).
Heidelberg is the oldest university in the country and is a member of the League of European Research Universities (formed by 20 top research universities in Europe).

Unknown said...

hi! I have secured admission in the goethe univ of Frankfurt in the institute for Law and Finance for an LLM. Is it a good one?

Anonymous said...

It is a good choice for finance and law programs. Goethe University has an ambition to become Germany's leading university for finance and economics.

Anonymous said...

hi......i want 2 do masters in computer networking in germany.can someone help me in listing some good universities for the networking course.

Unknown said...

hallo,i'm interested in doin ma masters in germany and ma branch is chemical engineering...i would be highly pleased if someone help me in knowing what r good universities in germany for chemical thank u

joel said...

Im doing 3rd year BE computer Science,

can anyone say what is the basic eligibility to study in Germany, such as UG aggregate marks, whether i should write GRE or IELTS or TOEFL or all?

Is it necessary to learn German language, some say without it you cant go about your daily life,like buying groceries and basic ammenities

If possible can u guide me to an official site which answers most of my above questions.

Anonymous said...

i am doin my BE computer science.This page provided me with useful info.. Thank you all..

Unknown said...

hi i hav done btech in automobile designing from india.....i m planning to do ms from germany in automobile engg itself.....can u plz suggest some good universities and their details and also the way to get into it....thank u.....

ashish said...

hi this is ashish..i want to do master in computer science..can anybody plz help me listing good universities..i have created a small list on my own .plz suggest me which r good options in this list..

1. uni saarland
2. uni paderborn
3. fh. heidelberg
4.uni darmstadt
5.uni augsburg
6.fh/hs heilbronn
7.fh. bonn

Kathy said...

Hi im plannig to study economics(bachelor´s degree) in Germany. Which is the best german University in economics? (worldwide recognized)

Anonymous said...

The Berlin School of Economics and Law is one of Germany's leading universities. In the Bachelor Rating 2008, 19 programmes offered by the School achieved four out of five stars.

Ramkumar said...

I would like to pursue Bachelors degree in computer science. I have 3 years experience in IT industry. Are there any universities providing scholarship for experienced.

Anonymous said...


can anyone pls tell me if ingoltadt univ of applied sciences is good enough for ms in automotive engg when compared with esslingen, aachen, etc....

Anonymous said...

Hi , Can anyone help me which university is better in MSc. Computer Science ?? Thanks a lot

Univ. of Saarland (Possibility to get scholarship)
Univ. of Bonn

Anonymous said...


I've secured admission for 'Life Science Informatics' in Univ of Bonn and 'Bioinformatics' in Univ of Saarland? Could you please let me now which one is better?

Unknown said...

Hi this is arvind i am doing my electronics and instrumenation and i wanted to do my automation in germany am i eligible to do it?

Unknown said...

i have secured admission in university of freiburg ang university of mannheim ..can u pls suggest me which univ is good for electronics feild ????

Krishna said...

Hi All,

I found very useful info in this site.Thanks for the admin.

Can anyone suggest me some Good Universities for persuing MS in SAP...?

Thanx in Advance

Unknown said...

I'm a 3rd yr psych student looking to study in Berlin this year. I've heard that Freie Universitaet is one of the best uni's for psychology/social sciences in Germany? Is this true?

Unknown said...

Can you tell me which undergraduate degrees of Heidelberg university are taught in English ? And University of Mannheim is a good university, isnt it?

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