China's Top Law Universities

Ranking of Top Law Universities in China:

Rank, Grade, Name of Institution

1. A++ Beijing University

2. A++ People's University (Beijing)

3. A++ Wuhan University

4. A++ Tsinghua University

5. A+ China University of Political Science and Law (Zhengfa Daxue)

6. A+ Jilin University

7. A+ Fudan University

8. A+ Southwest University of Political Science and Law

9. A Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

10. A Zhejiang University

11. A Xiamen University

12. A Zhongshan University

13. A East China University of Politics and Law

14. A Nanjing University

15. A Nankai University (Tianjin)

16. A Huazhong Normal University

17. A Suzhou University

18. A East China Normal University

19. A Shandong University


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