Southampton University in RAE Rankings

In the latest RAE 2008 rankings, The University of Southampton maintained its position as one of the top tier research universities in the UK, with over 50% of the research submitted in 27 subject areas was considered of internationally excellent or world-leading quality.

RAE 2008 Result Analysis:

- Music at Southampton is ranked among the top three or four universities for music in the UK, according to the Independent, the Guardian and the THES. 50% of the research in the Department of Music was rated as 'world-leading'.

- Mathematical research is ranked 8th in the UK, based on benchmarks combining 'quality' with 'volume' and known as 'market share' and 'power'.

- Statistics and Operational Research are ranked 2nd in the UK, behind only Oxford.

- 2nd in the ‘Power’ ranking (Research Fortnight) for Aeronautical/Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineering.

- Modern Languages was ranked in the top 2 UK Universities for European Studies.

- Top three institutions in the nation for the range and quality of engineering.

- Top 10 in the UK for economics departments, with 80% of submitted research rated as either world-leading or internationally excellent.

Rankings based on Grade Point Average:

- 3rd for Social Policy (which includes Sociology, Demography, and Gerontology)

- 9th for Statistics and Operational Research

- 11th for Economics and Econometrics

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