St Andrews in RAE 2008 Ranking

According to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE) published on 18 December 2008, The University of St Andrews was ranked 14th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland for the quality of its research across Science and the Arts.

RAE Reearch Achievements:
St Andrews was ranked highly in the UK for the following Unit of Assessment:

- Number One in the UK for Philosophy.
- 2nd for Physics & Astronomy, German, and Film Studies.
- 4th for Chemistry, French, and Applied Mathematics.
- 7th for Psychology.
- 8th for English.

The university was ranked in the top position (No. 1) in Scotland for the following subjects:

- Philosophy
- Physics & Astronomy
- German
- Film Studies
- Chemistry (joint submission with the University of Edinburgh) (Top Equal Position)
- Applied Mathematics
- French (Top Equal Position)
- Psychology

* 94% of St Andrews' research activity is internationally recognised and 60% is world leading or internationally excellent.