Best Philosophy Doctoral Programs

Princeton Department of Philosophy is the best in the country, ranked top in the NRC study of Research-Doctorate Programs in the US, and also ranked first in the US News Ranking 2009. The Department of Philosophy, in cooperation with other departments, participates in two interdepartmental programs of graduate study: classical philosophy and political philosophy. it offers a wide range of courses such as The Philosophy of Plato, Pre-Kantian Rationalism, German Philosophy Since Kant, Philosophical Problems in Logic, etc.

The Department of Philosophy at Pittsburgh is one of the best in the US. It offers a number of graduate courses: Analytic Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Metaphysics, Topics in Ethics, etc. It requires a minimum of 24 courses for the PhD degree. Each student must successfully complete a graduate seminar in each of the following areas: (i) metaphysics and epistemology, (ii) ethics, (iii) philosophy of science.

Ranking of Best Philosophy Doctoral Programs (US):

1. Princeton

2. Pittsburgh

3. Harvard

4. Berkeley

5. Pittsburgh (Hist/Phil of Sci)


7. Stanford

8. Michigan

9. Cornell

10. MIT

Source: National Council Research Report 1995

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