Georgia Tech Engineering Ranking Performance

The Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) is one of the top ranking institutions in the USA, with very high ranking position in its engineering programs in the nation.

The College of Engineering retained its position in the elite top five institutions. It was ranked No. 4 nationwide in the U.S. News and World Report’s 2010 Graduate Rankings.10 of Georgia Tech’s 11 programs ranked in the top 10 including:
Industrial (No.1), biomedical (No. 2), aerospace (No. 4), civil (No. 6), electrical (No. 6), computer (No. 7), and materials (No. 8). Of particular note, three programs moved up in the rankings: environmental engineering (No.5), mechanical engineering (No. 6), and nuclear engineering (No. 8).

The university has 8 engineering programs ranked in the top 10 by US News 2007 Graduate Rankings:
  • industrial and systems (1st)
  • biomedical (3rd),
  • aerospace (4th),
  • civil (4th),
  • computer (7th)
  • electrical (7th),
  • environmental (7th),
  • mechanical (7th).
Other rankings:
- Tech’s School of Chemistry & Biochemistry was ranked 24th.
- Tech’s College of Management was ranked 34th.

The College of Engineering offers MS degrees in the following:
  • MS: Aerospace Engineering
  • MS: Bioengineering
  • MS: Chemical Engineering
  • MS: Polymers
  • MS: Civil Engineering
  • MS: Engineering Science and Mechanics
  • MS: Environmental Engineering
  • MS: Health Systems
  • MS: Industrial Engineering
  • MS: International Logistics
  • MS: Operations Research
  • MS: Quantitative & Computational Finance
  • MS: Statistics
  • MS: Materials Science & Engineering
  • MS: Mechanical Engineering
  • MS: Medical Physics
  • MS: Nuclear Engineering
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