Japan JASSO Scholarship

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) offers their JASSO Scholarship every year to qualified students of overseas institutions in mutual agreement with Japanese universities. It is awarded by the Japanese Government for students going on exchange overseas.

The successful recipients will receive:
  • ¥80,000 monthly stipend for a specified duration of time (i.e. six months / one year)
  • ¥150,000 relocation allowance(upon arrival only) This new system will apply to all of the recipients who will start their study in Japan on and after April 1st 2006.
Eligibility Requirements:
In order to be eligible for the JASSO Scholarship, applications for both EPOK and JASSO Scholarship must be completed and submitted by the student to the student’s home university. The student's home university will then send the application to (Japan's) University by the deadline date.

The following conditions must also be satisfied:
  • The student is of non-Japanese nationality.
  • The student's home university and (Japan's) University are in mutual exchange agreement.
  • The students are in good academic standing at their home universities.
  • The student has adequate financial support for study in Japan.
  • The student will resume study at their home university upon completion of the exchange.
  • The student is eligible for a College Student Status Visa (a requirement for study in Japan).
  • It is the first time for the student to receive the JASSO Scholarship. Students must not have previously been recipients of the scholarship.
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