Russian Medical School Ranking-Top 15

Ranking of Top 15 national medical schools in 2004 from The Ministry of Education:
(not including medical faculties at classic universities)

1. Moscow Medical Academy

2-3. Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry

2-3. Russian State Medical University (Moscow)

4. St Petersburg State Medical University

5. Siberian State Medical University (Tomsk)

6. Ryazan’ State Medical University

7-9. Volgograd State Medical University

7-9. Novosibirsk State Medical Academy

7-9. St Petersburg State Medical Academy

10-12. Bashkir State Medical University (Ufa)

10-12. Kuban’ State Medical Academy (Krasnodar)

10-12. Nizhnii Novgorod State Medical Academy

13-16. Kazan’ State Medical Univ

13-16. St Petersburg State Pediatric Medical Academy

13-16. Smolensk State Medical Academy

13-16. Tver’ State Medical Academy

* Moscow Medical Academy is one of the leading medical universities in the world. It is ranked 2nd in the world by the UNESCO and World Health Organization.

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Anonymous said...

Where does Samara State Medical University fall in the list compared to Tver State Medical Academy?