Stanford University Free Online Courses

Stanford University is a top private research university in the US, ranked 17th globally in the THES 2008 Top 200 Universities, and ranked 2nd in the world by SJTU World University Ranking 2008.

Stanford is offering free cyber courses in computer science and electrical engineering. Students can download video lectures, transcripts, homework via online. The Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) program offers full course materials and provides access to complete lecture videos via streaming or downloaded media.  A total of 10 courses from Stanford’s School of Engineering are offered free of charge.

Free Online Courses:

Artificial Intelligence
  • Introduction to Robotics (CS223A)
  • Natural Language Processing (CS224N)
  • Machine Learning (CS229)
Linear Systems and Optimization
  • The Fourier Transform and its Applications (EE261)
  • Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems (EE263)
  • Convex Optimization I (EE364A)
  • Convex Optimization II (EE364B)
Introduction to Computer Science
  • Programming Methodology (CS106A)
  • Programming Abstractions (CS106B)
  • Programming Paradigms (CS107)
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