Top Economics Departments Worldwide

Harvard Economics Department is one of the strongest economics departments in the world, with outstanding ranking achievements:

- ranked first in the world, according to the "Ranking of Academic Journals and Institutions in Economics".

- ranked 2nd in The Journal of Economic Perspectives.

- ranked No. 1 on the basis of total pages in journals per economics department member by the Economic Inquiry.

- Harvard's Economics program is rated #3 in the U.S., according to U.S. News and World Report 2009.

Ranking of Top 10 Economics Departments Worldwide:

1 Harvard

2 University of Chicago

3 M.I.T.

4 Northwestern

5 University of Pennsylvania

6 Yale

7 Princeton

8 Stanford

9 Berkeley

10 New York University

Source: "Ranking of Academic Journals and Institutions in Economics" - Kalaitzidakis, Manuneas, Stengos 2001

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