Astrophysics/Astronomy Doctoral Ranking

The Astronomy Department at the California Institute of Technology is rated top in the US. The Caltech astronomy department supports a network of about 100 workstations. The research groups of individual astronomy faculty members have dozens of additional Sun, MacOS, DELL servers and workstations; virtually all graduate students have a workstation on their desk. Members of the department also use the several Caltech concurrent computers. Most students are supported by the research funds of Caltech faculty, by Caltech research fellowships, and by teaching assistantships. For more information please visit their site:

Department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton offers courses like Stellar Systems, Structure of the Stars, Diffuse Matter in Space, High-Energy Astrophysics, Extragalactic Astronomy, Scientific Computation in Astrophysics, etc.

Top US universities in Astrophysics/Astronomy Doctoral Programs:

1. Caltech

2. Princeton

3. Berkeley

4. Harvard

5. Chicago

6. UC Santa Cruz

7. Arizona

8. MIT

9. Cornell

10. Texas (Austin)

Source: National Research Council Report 1995

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