Best National Universities

National Universities are those offer a full range of undergraduate majors, masters, and doctoral degrees programs. Every year U.S. News & World Report magazine releases its ranking of Best National Universities in America.

According to the US News & World Report, Harvard tops the list of national universities in 2009, ahead of another best ranked institution - Princeton University (Princeton is ranked No. 1 from 2001 to 2008). The Top 5 National Universities in 2009 are Harvard (1st), Pronceton (2nd), Yale (3rd), MIT (=4th) and Stanford (=4th).

Some of the top performers in the US News “America's Best Colleges” rankings:

- University of Virginia is the best ranked National University in the state, placed 23rd nationally in 2009. According to the USNWR 2010 edition, Univ of Virginia is ranked in the Top 10 for English Ph.D. Programs (10th) and Law programs (10th).

- Rice University is the top ranked National University in the U.S. state of Texas, rated 1st in the state and 17th in the country. In the USNWR 2010 edition, Rice is ranked 34th for ts graduate engineering programs.

- Emory University is the best in the state of Georgia, placed 18th in the country, followed by Georgia Institute of Technology (35th nationally).

- There are four institutions in the state of Pennsylvania ranked among the Top 50 National Universities in 2009: University of Pennsylvania (8th nationally), Carnegie Mellon Univ (22nd), Lehigh Univ (35th), and Pennsylvania State Univ-University Park (47th).

- There are many top ranking institutions in the state of New York, with 11 universities from the state ranked among the Top 100 list in 2009. Columbia University is the best in the state (rated 8th in the nation), followed by Cornell (14th nationally) and New York University (33rd).

- California has the most number of institutions rated in the Top 50 list (more than any other U.S. states). Nine universities are placed in the Top 50 in 2009, with Stanford rated the best in the state and 4th nationally. California universities occupy two spots in the Top 10 list, the other institution is California Institute of Technology (6th).

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