Stanford University Engineering Rankings

Stanford University is one of the top ranked universities in Engineering in the USA. Its Engineering programs are ranked top amongst all institutions in the annual US News & World Report graduate school rankings. Stanford is ranked 2nd overall in the 2010 Graduate Engineering League Table.

Outstanding Achievements in the US News Engineering Schools Specialty Rankings 2010:

- 1st for Computer Engineering (Equal first with MIT & University of California--Berkeley).

- 3rd for Aerospace / Aeronautical / Astronautical.

-1st for Environmental / Environmental Health (Equal first with University of California--Berkeley).

- 1st for Electrical / Electronic / Communications (Equal first with MIT & UC Berkeley).

- 3rd for Civil (Equal third with MIT and University of Texas--Austin (Cockrell)).

- Top 5 for Chemical Engineering, and Industrial / Manufacturing.

- Top 10 for Biomedical / Bioengineering.

- 2nd for Mechanical.

- 6th for Materials.

Stanford also offers free engineering courses online via the Stanford Engineering Everywhere (SEE) programs. A total of 10 courses from Stanford's School of Engineering is offered free of charge: three courses in Introduction to Computer Science and seven more advanced courses in artificial intelligence and electrical engineering.
surabhi said...

I am in final year engg right now and after this I want to do m.s in wireless communication from Stanford , so please provide me the details regarding the qualifications required to get into Stanford.
Thank you.