Best Social Work Programs (US)

Washington University in St. Louis took the top spot in the US News ranking of graduate social work programs in the country, followed by Univ of Michigan–Ann Arbor in 2nd position and Univ of Chicago in 3rd postion nationally.

George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis offers the graduate degrees of Master of Social Work (MSW), Master of Public Health, and a doctorate degree in social work. There are six MSW concentration areas: health; mental health; gerontology; children, youth, and families; social and economic development, and individualized.

The University of Michigan School of Social Work is consistently ranked among the top schools of social work in the country. It offers the master of social work program which is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). It also offers a joint PhD degree in social work with five social science disciplines: economics, anthropology, psychology, political science, and sociology.

Ranking of Best Graduate Social Work Programs:
1. Washington University in St. Louis
2. University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
3. University of Chicago
4. Columbia University
4. University of Washington
6. University of California–Berkeley
6. University of Texas–Austin
8. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
8. University of Southern California
10. Case Western Reserve University
10. University of California–Los Angeles
12. SUNY–Albany
12. University of Wisconsin–Madison
14. Boston College
14. University of Pennsylvania
14. University of Pittsburgh
14. Virginia Commonwealth University
18. Fordham University
18. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
18. University of Kansas
18. University of Maryland–Baltimore
22. Boston University
22. New York University
22. Smith College
22. University of Illinois–Chicago
26. CUNY–Hunter College
26. Indiana University
26. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
26. University of Tennessee–Knoxville
30. Bryn Mawr College
30. Florida State University
30. Michigan State University
30. Ohio State University
30. Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey–New Brunswick
30. University of Georgia
36. Portland State University
36. Simmons College
36. University at Buffalo–SUNY
36. University of Denver
36. University of Houston
36. University of Kentucky
42. Arizona State University
42. Howard University
42. Loyola University Chicago
42. San Diego State University
42. St. Louis University
42. University of Alabama
42. University of Connecticut
42. University of Louisville
42. University of Texas–Arlington
42. University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee
42. Yeshiva University
53. Adelphi University
53. Catholic University of America
53. College of St. Catherine/University of St. Thomas
53. Tulane University
53. University of South Carolina–Columbia
53. University of Utah
53. Wayne State University
60. Baylor University
60. California State University–Long Beach
60. California State University–Los Angeles
60. Colorado State University
60. Syracuse University
60. University of Hawaii–Manoa
60. University of Iowa
67. California State University–Sacramento
67. San Francisco State University
67. U of Puerto Rico
67. U of Vermont
71. Barry Univ
71. Florida International Univ
71. Georgia State Univ
71. Louisiana State Univ–Baton Rouge
71. Ohio University
71. SUNY–Stony Brook
71. San Jose State Univ
71. Temple Univ
71. U of Missouri–Columbia
71. U of South Florida
71. Western Michigan Univ
82. Brigham Young Univ–Provo
82. Eastern Washington Univ
82. George Mason Univ
82. Monmouth Univ
82. Rhode Island College
82. Southern Illinois Univ–Carbondale
82. U of Arkansas–Little Rock
82. U of Maine–Orono
82. U of Minnesota–Duluth
82. U of Missouri–St. Louis
82. U of Montana
82. U of North Carolina–Charlotte
82. West Virginia Univ

Source: U.S. News & World Report 2009 Edition

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