Top Audiology School Programs

According to the US News & World Report Best Graduate Schools ranking, Vanderbilt University is ranked top for Audiology programs in 2008, followed by Uni of Iowa (2nd) and Uni of Washington (3rd).

Ranking of Top Audiology School Programs:
1. Vanderbilt University
2. University of Iowa
3. University of Washington
4. University of Texas–Dallas
5. Washington University in St. Louis
6. University of Florida
6. University of Memphis
6. University of North Carolina–Chapel Hill
9. Northwestern University
9. University–West Lafayette
9. Rush University Medical Center
9. University of Arizona
9. University of Kansas
9. University of Minnesota–Twin Cities
9. University of Texas–Austin
16. University at Buffalo–SUNY
16. University of Pittsburgh
18. Indiana University–Bloomington
19. Arizona State University
19. Central Michigan University
19. Gallaudet University
19. James Madison University
19. Ohio State University
24. University of Colorado–Boulder
24. University of Maryland–College Park
24. University of South Florida
24. University of Tennessee–Knoxville
28. Syracuse University
28. University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign
28. University of Nebraska–Lincoln
31. East Tennessee State Univ
31. Northeast Ohio Aud. Consortium (Univ of Akron/Kent State Univ)
31. San Diego State Univ
31. Univ of Connecticut
31. Univ of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
36. Univ of Utah
37. CUNY–Brooklyn College
37. Univ of Louisville
37. Univ of Massachusetts–Amherst
40. Ohio Univ
40. Univ of Cincinnati
40. Western Michigan Univ
43. Louisiana State Univ Medical Center–New Orleans
43. Northeastern Univ
43. Towson Univ

Source: US News & World Report

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