Best Nonprofit Management Schools

According to the U.S. News’s rankings of Public Affairs specialty in Nonprofit Management (2009 edition), Indiana University--Bloomington is the best school for Nonprofit Management program, followed by Syracuse University (2nd) and Indiana University-Purdue University--Indianapolis (3rd). Other schools ranked in the Top 5 are Harvard (4th) and University of Washington (5th).

Indiana University graduate programs in public and environmental affairs are ranked among the best in the nation, the nonprofit management program at IU Bloomington is ranked No. 1, and its counterpart at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis ranked No. 3 nationally.

The Maxwell School of Syracuse University is ranked second top for nonprofit management. It is also ranked as the #1 graduate school of public affairs in the nation, and placed among the top 10 schools for all public affairs specialties.

The Evans School of Public Affairs at the University of Washington is ranked 5th in the nation for its nonprofit management program, and in the top three public schools of public affairs for this specialization. The School offers a range of nonprofit management classes across University of Washington departments, including: Nonprofit Financial Management, Program Development and Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations, Management of Nonprofit Organizations, Nonprofit Corporations, etc.

New York University is ranked #9 in Nonprofit Management by US News and World Report. It offers the Master of Public Administration (MPA) in Public and Nonprofit Management and Policy with the following Specializations:
- Management
- Public Policy Analysis
- Finance
- International
Students can choose Electives in Human Resources Management, Environmental Policy and Management, Information Management, Transportation Policy, Applied Economics, etc.

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