Sunday Times University Guide 2010

Sunday Times published their annual ranking of UK universities on 13th September 2009. The league table is based on criteria including student satisfaction, teaching and research quality, ratings from head teachers’ and academic peer review, graduate unemployment levels, etc. Oxford is ranked No. 1 out of 122 institutions this year, ahead of Cambridge (2nd) and Imperial (3rd).

Some of the good performers:
- UCL has risen from 6th to 4th place nationally and is runner up in the newspaper’s University of the Year awards.
- Warwick moved up from 7th to 6th this year, and it is ranked 1st in the region (Midlands) for each of every 12 years that guide has been published.
- Durham has achieved its highest ever ranking in the league table, moved up a place to 7th.
- King’s College London up from 17th to 13th.
- University of Glasgow made a big jump from 31st to 22nd.
- Dundee up two places to 34th.
- University of Aberdeen rated 27th (up seven places from 34th).
- Liverpool up a place to 29th.
- University of Leeds up two places to 24th.
- University of Bristol is now in the Top 10 (up from 16th).
- Oxford Brookes University is placed in the Top 50 nationally, ahead of other leading new universities such as the Robert Gordon University (54th) and Nottingham Trent University (57th).
- University of Birmingham made it to Top 20 (up from 24th).

Some of the poor performers:
- LSE dropped from 4th to 9th.
- Loughborough dropped from 11th to 15th.
- Exeter moved down three places to 17th.
- Royal Holloway moved down from 28th to 35th.

League Table (Top 20 list):
1 University of Oxford
2 University of Cambridge
3 Imperial College London
4 University College London
5 University of St Andrews
6 University of Warwick
7 Durham University
8 University of York
10 University of Bristol
11. Bath
12. Southampton
13. King’s College London
14. Nottingham
15= Edinburgh
15= Loughborough
17. Exeter
18. Sheffield
19. Lancaster
20= Leicester
20= Birmingham

Source: Sunday Times University Guide 2010

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