IAE de Lyon - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3

The Institut d'Administration des Entreprises (I.A.E.) is the University of Lyon Business & Management School, offering a full range of courses, from Bachelor's Degree to Ph.D. level. It is one of the largest business schools in France.

The EFMD EPAS Accreditation Board has awarded EPAS accreditation to the M.Sc. International Management programme offered at IAE de Lyon.

I.A.E. offers a wide range of courses from Bachelor's degree courses (post-Baccalauréat) up to the second year Master and Ph.D. level. Many Business and Management courses and degree programs are taught in English at I.A.E. de Lyon. The International MBA will be taught in English and the courses are held over weekends.

The School offers Bachelor Degree in Business & Economics; and Professional Bachelor Degrees in: Management & Store Management; Sales & Specialized Distribution; B to B Trade in the Industry Sector; Organization & Cross-functional Management; International Management in Hotel and Catering; Payroll Information Systems Management; Lighting Design and Management; Communication and Multimedia.

Master's degrees offered include:
- M.Sc. Marketing & Commerce
- M.Sc. Finance & Controlling
- M.Sc. International Management
- M.Sc. Human Resource Management
- M.Sc. Information Technology
- M.Sc. Operations Management
- M.Sc. General Management
- M.Sc. Socio-Economic Management
- M.A. Management and Business Administration

Doctorate programmes are offered in Management; Economics; Computer Science; Sociology; Information & Communication. Executive Education programmes include the M.A. Master of Business Administration; M.Sc. Human Resource Management; M.Sc. Marketing & Commerce (with focus on Sales Management), and more.

I.A.E. also chose to set up off-campus degree programmes in Europe, Asia and Africa.


- The IAE de Lyon is ranked among the first 17 French Institutions and among the first 300 Institutions (Eduniversal 2008 Rankings).

IAE de Lyon - Université Jean Moulin Lyon 3
6, cours Albert Thomas - B.P. 8242
69355 Lyon Cedex 08 - France

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