St. Thomas University Profile

Founded in 1910, St. Thomas University (STU) is one of the leading primarily undergraduate universities located in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

The University has the following Academic Departments and Programmes: Anthropology; Aquinas; Catholic Studies; Core; Criminology & Criminal Justice; Economics; Education; English Language and Literature; English as a Second Language; Environment and Society; Fine Arts; French; Gerontology; Great Ideas; History; Human Rights; Humanities; Italian; Interdisciplinary Studies; International Relations; Irish Studies; Japanese; Journalism and Communications; Latin; Mathematics; Media Studies; Native Studies; Philosophy; Political Science; Psychology; Religious Studies; Romance Languages; Science and Technology Studies; Social Work; Sociology; Spanish; Women's Studies and Gender Studies.

STU offers the following undergraduate degree programmes to students: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Applied Arts, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Social Work.

Notable alumni of the University include Brian Mulroney (Former Canadian Prime Minister), Anna Silk (Actress), David Adams Richards (Author, Screenwriter), Sheree Fitch (Author, Poet), etc.


- Received four “A+’s” for: Faculty members’ knowledge of subjects; Class sizes; Attractiveness of campus; and Sense of personal safety and security (The Globe & Mail's Canadian University Report Card 2009). In addition it received “A’s” in the following categories: Overall university atmosphere; Faculty availability to students outside of classroom; Computer accessibility on-campus; Library’s hours of operation.

- Top five in Canada for "level of academic challenge", Top 10 for "student faculty interaction", Top 10 for "supportive campus environment", and Top Ten for "entire education experience" (National Survey of Student Engagement 2007).

- 6th in the Primarily Undergraduate Ranking (Maclean's Canadian University Rankings 2005).