Top MBA Schools for Salary

Following are the top MBA schools with great reputation and high salaries:

Henley Business School (UK)
- According to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) Full-Time MBA Rankings 2009, Henley is rated 2nd in the world for Post MBA Salary and 3rd in the world for Increase in Salary.
- In the Financial Times Executive MBA ranking 2009, it is rated 3rd in UK and 10th in world for "Percent salary increase".

Stanford Graduate School of Business (US)
- According to the US News 2008 America’s Best Graduate Schools, Stanford has the highest average GMAT score, the highest selectivity, and Stanford business school graduates enjoy the highest average starting salary and bonus.

Babson College (Olin)
- Babson MBA programs consistently rank among the top in a broad range of publications.
- Placed in the Top 20 for Post-MBA Salary Gain (BusinessWeek 2008).

Richard Ivey School of Business (Canada)
- According to the Financial Times (January 2010), Ivey alumni salaries and salary percentage increase continue to be the highest of all Canadian business schools. The three-year average salary for Ivey is $ 102,839.
- Ivey alumni experienced a 92% increase in their salaries three years post graduation - the highest in Canada.

Rice University (US)
- Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University is among the best in the world. The program ranked 4th for ‘Top Salaries in Finance’ (FT 2008 Executive MBA rankings).

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