Top Universities By Salary Potential

Tennessee Tech University
- reports TTU degrees give graduates the highest salary potential of all Tennessee public universities (2009). The starting median salary for a Tennessee Tech graduate is $44,500. After 15 years of experience, the median salary is $79,900, as reported by TTU graduates.
- The report also names Tennessee Tech’s College of Engineering as one of the nation’s “Best Engineering Colleges” based on salary potential for graduates.
- TTU offers nine of’s top ten College Majors that lead to High Salaries: computer engineering, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, mechanical engineering, economics, computer science, industrial engineering and environmental engineering.

University of California, San Diego
- UC San Diego is ranked 3rd nationally in their salary earnings among U.S. public universities, according to The rank was based on a new study by that looked at earnings of alumni at colleges around the country.
- According to the study (2008), UC San Diego alumni earned a median salary of $51,000 with 0-5 years experience, and $101,000 with 10 to 20 years experience.

San Jose State University
- It was the first public institution of higher education on the West Coast, opening in 1857.
- SJSU is ranked 12th nationally by salary potential among all state schools in the nation, according to the PayScale, Inc. annual salary survey*. According to the survey (2009), the median annual starting salary for SJSU alumni is $53,400. The median annual mid-career salary for SJSU alumni is $96,300.

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