Universities with Lowest Drop Out Rates

Leading universities with one of the lowest dropout rates in the country:

Aston University
- Aston's drop-out rate is one of the lowest in the country at just 4% according to the 2008 Higher Education Statistics Agency. This low figure is in the top 20 of all UK Universities.

University of Oxford
- The Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) has released Performance Indicators for all higher education institutions for the year 2004–5. Oxford University has the lowest drop-out rate among UK universities at 1.6 per cent compared to the national rate of nearly 15 per cent.

University of St Andrews
- St Andrews has a low drop out rate at just over 1%, the lowest in Scotland and one of the lowest in the UK.
- Student Support Services provide a comprehensive support system for all students, with specialised advice and counselling in areas of finance, international students, academic issues, and more.

Durham University
- The University has one of the best completion rates by graduates in the country and one of the lowest drop-out rates.
- There is a lot of support for students at Durham. Any student struggling financially can apply to the college or university for an emergency loan or a bursary. No student will ever need to drop out due to financial difficulty.

University of Stirling
- Statistics released by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) showed that the University of Stirling ranks 5th in the UK and 2nd in Scotland for student retention with a dropout rate of just 2.8% (2007).
- Of the top 10 institutions with the lowest drop out rates, Stirling scored the best in the UK against its benchmark of 7.9%. The top five are Oxford (1.4, benchmark 2.7), St Andrews (2, benchmark 3.7), Warwick (2.2, benchmark 3.7), Bristol (2.7, benchmark 3.5) and Stirling (2.8, benchmark 7.9).