Accelerated Medical Programs

Universities offering Accelerated Medical Programs:

University of Central Florida
- Eligible UCF freshmen who have been admitted to The Burnett Honors College and are interested in attending medical school have an opportunity to receive guaranteed admission to University of South Florida (USF) College of Medicine and complete a medical degree in seven years (3+4).
- UCF will confer a Bachelor's Degree following successful completion of the fourth year of study; and USF will confer the Doctor of Medicine Degree upon completion of the program.

Boston University School of Medicine
- BU offers freshman applicants a faster route to a career in medicine. If admitted into The Seven-Year Liberal Arts/Medical Education Program, you can complete both a bachelor's degree and a medical degree in seven years (instead of eight years).
- Graduates will receive a Bachelor of Arts in Medical Science from the College of Arts & Sciences with a Doctor of Medicine from the Boston University School of Medicine.

University of Kentucky College of Medicine
- It offers the B.S./M.D. Accelerated Course of Study which gives students the opportunity to complete both a B.S. degree in Biology as well as an M.D. degree in only seven years.
- Students are awarded the B.S. degree after successful completion of the first year of medical school, and are then awarded the M.D. degree upon successful completion of all medical school requirements.

University of Nevada
- It offers a seven year BS-MD Accelerated Early Admission Program.
- Students accepted into this program are required to complete the first three years of the undergraduate curriculum at the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR), and then enter the University of Nevada School of Medicine.

The George Washington University
- It offers a Seven-Year BA/MD program which is a joint program between GW's Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine and Health Sciences.
- The program is designed for students of high ability and maturity who have decided to become physicians and desire to accomplish that goal in a shorter amount of time than a traditional program of study.

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