Colleges with Best Graduate Employment Rate

Leading colleges/universities with best graduate employment rate:

University of Queensland (Australia)
- UQ earned four-star rankings in the 2010 edition of the Good Universities Guide for the categories of getting a job.
- UQ graduates under the age of 25 and available for full-time work have achieved the highest employment rate in Australia. The Graduate Careers Council of Australia's Graduate Destination Survey 1996 found the percentage of UQ young graduates in full-time employment was higher than both the Queensland and national averages.
- Ranked 38th out of all the world’s universities for graduate employability by the 2008 Employer Review.

The University of Western Australia
- UWA graduates enjoyed increased employment and higher average starting salaries in 2006, with 87.4% of graduates gained full time employment within five months of graduation from university. Areas with a 100% employment rate for graduates in 2006 included: Economics; Education; Civil Engineering; Computer Science Engineering; Mining and Resource Engineering; Environmental Engineering; Physical Sciences; and Dentistry.

University of Wollongong (Australia)
- Statistics from the 2003 Graduate Destination Survey by the Graduate Careers Council revealed that UOW engineering graduates had a 100% employment success rate over the year.
- Figures from the Graduate Careers Council of Australia showed that UOW graduates had the highest rate of employment for the seven universities in NSW and the ACT and that UOW graduates had the 3rd best employment rate of Australia 's 19 universities (1979).

The Open University (UK)
- Graduates of The Open University (OU) are amongst the most employable in the country, according to data provided by the Higher Education Statistics Agency.
- With the publication of the Association of Graduate Recruiters' (AGR) survey of the graduate jobs market speculating that graduate employment will decline in 2009, stats show that over 80% for OU students are employed within six months of graduating. 81% of OU undergraduate students were found to be in employment six months after they graduated.

Trent University (Canada)
- According to the results for the 2005 Ontario Graduate Survey, Trent University’s graduate employment rates are among the best in the province.
- Trent graduates recorded an employment rate of 94.9% six months after convocation, which exceeded the system average of 93.9%. Two years after graduating, Trent students recorded an impressive employment rate of 96.9%.

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