America's Best High Schools 2010

According to the U.S. News & World Report's America's Best High Schools rankings 2010, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology (TJHSST) took the top spot as the No. 1 high school in the nation. TJHSST is one of 18 Virginia Governor's Schools, and a founding member of the National Consortium for Specialized Secondary Schools of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Raleigh Charter High School is rated 24th among America’s Best High Schools. Last year, it had a ranking of 20th in US News. These rankings qualify for what US News calls the Gold Medal List, the Top 100 Schools.

IDEA College Preparatory has been named the 13th best high school in the nation. This ranking placed IDEA College Prep for the second consecutive year on the Gold list. Overall U.S. News ranked IDEA College Preparatory as the top charter school in Texas, and the third highest high school in the state of Texas. It is the second top open enrollment school and the third top charter school in the nation.

Top 25 of America's Best High Schools - Gold Medal Rank:

1. Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
Location: Alexandria, VA

2. International Academy
Location: Bloomfield Hills, MI

3. Whitney High School
Location: Cerritos, CA

4. Oxford Academy
Location: Cypress, CA

5. School for the Talented and Gifted at Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Center
Location: Dallas, TX

6. Newcomers High School
Location: Long Island City, NY

7. Pacific Collegiate School
Location: Santa Cruz, CA

8. School of Science and Engineering Magnet
Location: Dallas, TX

9. BASIS Tucson
Location: Tucson, AZ

10. International School
Location: Bellevue, WA

11. High Technology High School
Location: Lincroft, NJ

12. Academic Magnet High School
Location: No. Charleston, SC

13. IDEA Quest Academy & College Prepatory
Location: Donna, TX

14. Pine View School
Location: Osprey, FL

15. Design and Architecture Senior High School
Location: Miami, FL

16. KIPP Houston High School
Location: Houston, TX

17. Stanton College Preparatory School
Location: Jacksonville, FL

18. The Early College at Guilford
Location: Greensboro, NC

19. The High School of American Studies at Lehman College
Location: Bronx, NY

20. Loveless Academic Magnet Program High School
Location: Montgomery, AL

21. University High School
Location: Tucson, AZ

22. California Academy of Math & Science
Location: Carson, CA

23. Animo Leadership Charter High School
Location: Inglewood, CA

24. Raleigh Charter High School
Location: Raleigh, NC

25. Lennox Mathematics, Science & Technology Academy
Location: Lennox, CA

Source: US News

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