Top 10 Engineering Schools

In the Times Higher Education - QS World University Rankings 2009, the top 10 Engineering/Technology Schools in the World are:
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 University of California--Berkeley
3 Stanford
4 Cambridge
5 Caltech
6 University of Tokyo
6 Imperial College London
8 University of Toronto
9 Carnegie Mellon University
10 Eth zurich swiss federal institute of technology

According to the QS Asian university rankings 2010, the top 10 Asian schools for IT and Engineering are as follows:
1 The University of Tokyo (Japan)
2 Tsinghua University (China)
3 National University of Singapore (NUS)
4 Tokyo Institute of Technology (Japan)
5 Kyoto University (Japan)
6 Seoul National University (Korea, South)
7 The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
8 Nanyang Technological University (NTU) (Singapore)
9 Peking University (China)
10 KAIST - Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (Korea, South)

According to the US News & World Report Best Colleges 2010, the Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs in the U.S. (top 10 list) are:
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 Stanford University
   University of California--Berkeley
4 California Institute of Technology
5 Georgia Institute of Technology
   University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
7 Carnegie Mellon University
   University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
9 Cornell University
   Purdue University--West Lafayette
   University of Texas--Austin

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