Medical School GPA Requirements

GPA is a very important factor for medical school admission. You must maintain your GPA as high as possible to being competitive with other medical school applicants. Following are the top medical schools with their GPA scores and information:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
- It is recommended that a student maintain a 4.5/5.0 or greater GPA to be considered for the most competitive schools.
- The following data on MIT applicants was reported by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC):
  - MIT's Class of 2009 Premed Students:
    GPA Undergraduate Applicants:
    Accepted Mean 3.73/4.0*
    Range of Acceptances 3.19-4.0*
    Range of Denials 2.95-3.85*
   *These figures are based on the AAMC 4.0 scale, rather than the 5.0 scale used at MIT.

University of California, Santa Cruz
- Statistical information for UCSC students gaining entry for the 2008 medical school year is as follows:
   UCSC Students Average GPA: 3.53; National Average: 3.66
- Statistical information for UCSC students gaining entry for the 2007 medical school year is as follows:
  UCSC Students Average GPA: 3.61; National Average: 3.65

Harvard Medical School
- For the 2009 entering class, the average scores are given below
average GPA: 3.8
average MCAT scores were:
Physical Science-12.09
Biological Science-12.03
The scores of the students selected for admission included a broad range of scores that includes scores reflective of national averages.

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