MBA without Work Experience

Following are some of the top leading universities offering MBA degree programs for candidates without work experience:

Montclair State University
- Work experience is not a requirement for admission, but most Montclair MBA students have worked full-time for 2-6 years before applying. Applicants who do not yet have professional experience should present strong academic credentials, personal statements, and recommendations.
- It is not necessary to have completed any prior coursework in business to apply for the MBA program; however, applicants with undergraduate degrees in business may be eligible for advanced standing.
- The School is an accredited member of the AACSB International.

Harvard Business School
- HBS does not require a minimum number of years' work experience prior to entering the MBA program. Successful candidates have the ability to demonstrate strength in the School's criteria regardless of the number of years of their work experience.
- HBS is ranked No. 1 in the US News & World Report 2011 Business School Rankings.

MIT Sloan School of Management
- While work experience is not a requirement for admission, some experience is helpful to get the most out of the MIT Sloan experience.
- The MIT Sloan School welcomes applications from graduates from all areas of concentration including the humanities, the social sciences, the physical sciences, and engineering.
- The MIT Sloan MBA Program does not accept any transfer credits.

Stanford Graduate School of Business
- Work experience is not required. The University accepts outstanding students and that includes students who enroll directly from an undergraduate or graduate program without full-time work experience.
- Stanford is tied for 1st with Harvard in the US News MBA Rankings 2011.

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