NRC Rankings 2010

The 2010 NRC (National Research Council) study compares 4,838 individual research doctorate programs in 62 subject areas across 212 surveyed institutions. The survey did not assign a single rank to any program, but rather placed programs within a range. Following are the top performers in the NRC rankings released on 28 September 2010:

University of California, Berkeley - Based on the NRC's statistical analysis, 48 of UC Berkeley's 52 ranked Ph.D. programs placed within a range that included the top 10, compared to 46 of 52 programs for Harvard University, which came in second, and 40 of 59 programs for UCLA, in third place. Fourteen UC Berkeley programs were assigned an upper range of first place.

North Dakota State University - Thirteen doctoral programs at NDSU were included in the assessment. Programs were ranked on overall quality and specific rankings were conducted on research activities, student support, and program diversity. NDSU programs were ranked near institutions such as Washington State, Iowa State, Texas A & M, and Purdue.

The University of Cincinnati - 18 UC doctoral programs are ranked as high as in the Top 20 in at least one of the NRC rankings categories. 10 UC doctoral programs are ranked as high as in the Top 25 in the overall program rankings.

University of Kentucky - Several of the University of Kentucky’s doctoral and research programs have risen dramatically in national prominence. The University houses three doctoral programs ranked in the top 25 percent, compared to only one program in the top 25 percent in 1993. It had 12 other programs in the top 50 percent in the survey results.

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