Top Medical Schools in Japan

Following are some of the top medical schools in Japan:

Dokkyo Medical University - It is one of the top leading medical schools in Japan. The University has three hospitals attached to it: the University Hospital, Koshigaya Hospital, and Nikko Medical Center. In 1994 the University Hospital was certified as a technologically advanced hospital.

Faculty of Medicine of Kagawa University -  It has international exchange program with some of the top foreign universities such as Calgary University (Canada), New Castle Upon Tine University (UK), China Medical University (China), etc.

Kobe University School of Medicine - The School has invited top class biomedical scientists and clinicians from across the nation. Its goal is to become one of the best medical schools in Japan and achieve worldwide recognition.

Teikyo University, School of Medicine - It is one of the top leading centers for patient care and medical research in Japan.

Faculty of Medicine and Graduate School of Medicine of the University of Tokyo - The University of Tokyo is ranked 51-75th globally in Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2010.

Sapporo Medical University - The University Hospital was certified by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as an advanced treatment facility in 1996 and received certified accreditation by the Japan Council for Quality Health Care in September 2004.

Osaka University - Among national universities, Osaka University School of Medicine is the first to include a course in “Medical Ethics” into its curriculum. The Graduate School of Medicine produces numerous world-acclaimed research results as well as outstanding researchers.

Tokyo Women's Medical University - TWMU is a medical university with over one hundred years of history. The medical school was awarded the "Good Practice in the Higher Education" in 2003. The university was awarded the "Center of Excellence" (COE) in research for the regenerative medicine in 2003.

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