Top Statistics Schools & Programs

Following are the top schools/departments for statistics programs:

Iowa State University
- The Department of Statistics & Statistical Laboratory is highly regarded and highly ranked. According to the National Research Council rankings, it is ranked 8th on the quality of its PhD educational programs and 13th on the quality of its research programs.
- The Statistical Laboratory , which forms part of the department, was the first statistics unit created in the country.

Carnegie Mellon University
- The Department of Statistics offers a range of Cross-Disciplinary Training Programs, Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Studies programs.
- In U.S. News & World Report’s first-ever ranking of Ph.D. programs in statistics, Carnegie Mellon’s Statistics Department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences was ranked 9th for statistics and biostatistics departments.

Fox School of Business at Temple University
- The Department of Statistics, which is located in the University's Fox School of Business and Management, offers numerous courses at graduate and undergraduate levels.
- Possible areas of specialization include most areas of statistical theory, biostatistics, and operations research.
- Research interests among the faculty include asymptotic theory, parametric and nonparametric inference, ranking and selection, inequalities in statistics, multivariate analysis, etc.

University of Missouri
- The Department of Statistics at the University of Missouri - Columbia offers undergraduate programs leading to both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science degree in statistics. It also offers graduate programs leading to master of arts and Ph.D. degrees in statistics.
- The MU Department of Statistics was ranked No. 1 among other statistics' departments on student experiences, according to the National Research Council (NRC), whcih spent five years collecting data from 5,000 doctoral programs in 59 academic fields at 212 universities.

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