Top Universities in Morocco

Following are some of the top leading universities in Morocco:

Cadi Ayyad University
- Founded in 1978, the University is dedicated to meet the joint challenges of massive increase in student numbers and transformations on social need for education and research.
- It offers courses in various disciplines including Law; Economics and Social Sciences; Sciences and Techniques; Commerce and Management; and Medicine and Engineering, among others.
- Cadi Ayyad University is ranked 1st in Morocco and 1355th in the world ( world university rankings 2010).

Al Akhawayn University
- Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI) was founded in 1993 by Royal Dahir (charter).
- AUI students can spend a semester or two as an exchange student at one the respected partner universities and colleges in Austria, France, Finland, Italy, Japan, Korea, and the USA.

University Mohammed V-Agdal
- The University Mohammed V-Agdal is a prestigious modern university in Morocco.
- It has trained many of the leaders of the Moroccan Government and graduates of different professions such as researchers, engineers, attorneys, etc.
- The University is largely renowned for the intensity, quality and diversity of its research.

Hassan II University - Mohammedia
- The University has an outstanding place amongst Moroccan universities given its particular geographical position as it is located between the administrative capital of the kingdom (Rabat) and the economic capital (Casablanca).
- The University has a number of institutions including the School of Law, Economics and Social Sciences – Mohammedia (FSJES); School of Lettres and Human Sciences, Ben M'Sik, Casablanca (FLSHB); etc.

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