Top Biosciences Programs

Top leading UK universities for Biosciences programs:

University of Birmingham
- The School of Biosciences was rated 5 in the 2001 Research Assessment Exercise and has been consistently rated ‘excellent’ for teaching quality.
- The School has major high-technology facilities for research in genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, structural biology and optical imaging.

University of Salford
- The School of Environment & Life Sciences is one of the top Bioscience schools in the UK, receiving the maximum 24/24 teaching quality score.
- The School offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses and research opportunities in subjects as diverse as Bioscience; Human Biology; Environmental Health; Geography & Environment; etc.

University of Bath
- The Department of Biology and Biochemistry is one of the premier UK bioscience departments, consistently ranked among the very best in all major UK bioscience league tables.
- In the Research Assessment Exercise 2008, 90% of its research was judged to be internationally recognised, excellent or world-leading.

University of Nottingham
- The School of Biosciences is highly regarded as one of the strongest teaching and research centres for fundamental and applied biological and food science in the UK.
- The joint submission (School of Biosciences, School of Veterinary Medicine and Science) to 'Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science' was rated Top in the RAE 2008, when assessed in terms of Research Power.
- It has been awarded 23 out of 24, across all Bioscience degree courses in the UK Teaching Quality Assessment (TQA).

Ranking of Biosciences programs (Top 10 list):
1 Cambridge
2 Oxford
3 Leicester
4 Bristol
5 York
6 Sheffield
7 Warwick
8 St Andrews
9 Surrey
10 Sussex
Source: Guardian 2011

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