Top Translation Schools

Following are the top translation schools in the US:

Kent State University
- The Institute for Applied Linguistics (IAL) is a research and training unit within the College of Arts and Sciences at Kent State. It is one of America's leading university-based translator training programs.
- At the Bachelor of Science and Master of Arts level, the translation degree programs focus on translation research skills, specialized translation, computer-assisted terminology and translation, and project management for the language industry; while the Ph.D. degree program focuses on training candidates to do research in translation processes or any aspect of translation activities.

Monterey Institute of International Studies
- The Graduate School of Translation, Interpretation, and Language Education offers world-renowned training for language professionals.
- The languages offered for the degrees in translation include: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Spanish. All of these languages are paired with English.

University of Texas, Dallas
- The Center for Translation Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas has received national and international recognition for its pioneering role in promoting the study and practice of literary translation.
- The Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in Humanities degrees allow students to concentrate their graduate studies around their individual interests in Translation Studies.

Binghamton University State University of New York
- The Translation Research and Instruction Program (TRIP) was founded in 1971 to promote the study of translation at SUNY Binghamton.
- It offers the following degree programs: a PhD in Translation Studies, a Graduate Certificate in Translation, and an undergraduate Minor in Translation Studies

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