Medical Schools in Belarus

List of leading medical schools in Belarus:

Gomel State Medical University
- The clinical base of the University is the best in Belarus.
- The University has foreign students from Poland, Turkey, Russia, Vietnam, Lebanon, Iran, South America, India, etc.
- The Faculty of General Medicine for Overseas Students was established in 2000. The Faculty prepares general practitioners, its graduates are conferred the profession of a Physician and the degree of a Doctor of Medicine.

Grodno State Medical University
- It was founded in 1958. The University keeps a prestigious place among the medical higher educational establishments of Belarus.
- All overseas students of the Grodno State Medical University study at the Faculty of General Medicine and at the preparatory studying course.

Belarusian State Medical University
- It is a leading higher medical education provider in the Republic of Belarus. The University has strong international reputation across a wide range of disciplines.
- The Diploma of the Belarusian State Medical University is recognized by the Education Ministry of Syria.

Vitebsk State Medical University
- In 1981 by the Resolution of Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education of USSR Vitebsk State Medical Institute was the first in Belarus to receive the right to train specialists for foreign countries.
- According to Scientific Research Laboratory (SRL) results the University has been placed 1st among all the higher medical educational establishments and Scientific Research Institutes (SRI) of Health Service system, and Students’ Scientific Society has been holding the 1st place among all the higher educational establishments in the Republic of Belarus.

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